Superintendency of Projects (SP)

The responsibilities of the Superintendency of Projects (SP) are to coordinate and stimulate submissions of scientific-technological projects in different areas of knowledge to research funding agencies; seek alternative sources of funding for research; enhance the dissemination of research opportunities; manage CNPq’s Directory of Research Groups at UFSC; and also to encourage the participation of researchers from UFSC in national and international initiatives related to UFSC’s core activities by stimulating inter-institutional research partnerships, university x business sector and sectoral projects of research and development (ANEEL, ANATEL, ANP, ANA and BNDS).

Prof. Maique Weber Biavatti
Phone: +55 (48) 3721-6481


Research Promotion and Support Coordination Office

Institutional Program of Scientific and Technological Initiation Coordination Office

Institutional Projects Coordination Office



Central Laboratory of Electron Microscopy (LCME)

Central Laboratory of Structural Molecular Biology (CEBIME)

Interdisciplinary Laboratory for the Development of Nanostructures (LINDEN)